10 Ways to Increase Your Matches on Bumble as a Woman

Online Dating

What is Bumble and How does it Work?

Bumble is an online dating service created by Whitney Wolfe Herd in 2014 and is one of the most popular out there at the moment. One thing that makes Bumble very special is that it empowers women by enabling them to control the conversation when dating online.

When using Bumble as a woman, you have to make the first move by sending your match a message. As a result of this unique model, women are in charge and employing robust reporting resulting in low reports of harassment and abuse.

It is also good to know that the basic Bumble app is for free. There is also a version for people who're looking for new friends rather than a date. The name of this app is called "Bumble Friendship" or "Bumble for Friends (Bumble BFF)."

Below, we have summarized 10 points that will help women increase their matches on Bumble.

1. The Number of Photos on Your Profile

Have at least 'four' photos on your Bumble profile. According to studies, at least four will result in getting you more matches. Also, don't put too many on your profile but limit it to a maximum of 'ten' photos.

2. Don't be Shy and Show Your Face

The first impression is one of the most important things when you start using dating apps like Bumble. Be sure to use good-quality photos and avoid using selfies and wearing hats or sunglasses.

Don't use photos of more than two years old. Be honest about your age. It can be a huge turn-off for some men when you look older in reality.

It is also common these days to Photoshop your photos or to use filters. A little bit of manipulation should be okay because everybody is doing it these days. But always ask yourself if it is not too much.

Same as with your age: When you look different in reality, don't be surprised your match might see this as a huge turn-off.

3. Be Aware of Who is on your Photo

Often you see women on Bumble in a so-called group photo. The person of the opposite sex looking at your profile can only suggest the relationship between you and the remaining people.

When you are standing next to another female in the picture, the person checking your profile might think you are sisters of each other. An older couple next to you would suggest these people are your parents. Or a younger boy maybe is your little brother.

But what about an older male standing next to you? The person looking at your picture maybe thinks this is your ex-boyfriend. Or what if all persons in the picture are men and one is putting his arm around your waist? Potential dates might think: Are men always around you? Are you popular with men? Maybe you have a busy social life?

When you are standing between your friends, and everybody is holding a drink, maybe suggest you are a party girl.

Be aware of who is on your pictures and ask yourself what your potential date might suggest about your relationship with the remaining people!

Do you have a dog or a cat? It's okay to have a picture (only one!) of you and your pet on your Bumble profile. Important here to tell is that you should be in that picture! Your potential date only wants to date you and not your cute pet.

Only add pictures of yourself to your Bumble profile. Often you see food or nature pictures on female profiles. Men are just not interested in cakes or cute animals; they are only interested in YOU!

4. Smile

Be sure you have a bright and confident smile in your pictures. When you don't smile, you might look like a psycho. Let a friend or family member look at your profile pictures and ask questions like 'do I look creepy?'

Avoid photos where your facial expressions suggest you look bored, threatening, annoyed, or angry. In case you find it hard to smile, practice in front of a mirror until you find the smile that looks the most natural.

5. Show Your Hobbies

Show pictures of yourself doing fun things like your hobbies! Do you like cycling, hiking or painting? Show your passions and add these pictures to your Bumble profile. It's also a way to find men who might share the same interests or hobbies.

Do you like swimming? Keep in mind when you add pictures of yourself in a bikini, this will also attract men with some other intentions.

6. Verify Your Profile

Internet is full of scammers these days, and they are also very active on dating applications like Bumble.

To recognize scammer profiles, look at the following:

The best way to prevent your potential match thinks your profile is fake is to verify your profile. To do this, you have to take a selfie inside the Bumble application of your face, and then the algorithm will compare your selfie with your profile pictures. You will recognize a verified Bumble profile by the blue checkmark on the profile.

7. Best Way to Start a Conversation

When there is a match established, you as a woman have to start the conversation. That's how the Bumble application works.

Avoid the use of so-called conversation killers. Especially when you are active on Bumble for some time, you will understand what conversation killers are, for example:

Especially new female users of the Bumble app will use these opening messages for the simple reason they don't are unique. Don't be surprised when your match doesn't respond to these messages because he sees them regularly.

The message we are giving you: Don't kill the conversation even before it has started. And avoid the use of animated gifs as openers because they can be very cringy sometimes. Try to be unique; you already beat a part of your competition by avoiding the above-mentioned conversation killers.

8. When to Reply to Your Matches?

Replying to your matches can cost a lot of time, especially when you are using your phone. It is advisable to install the desktop version of the Bumble application on your laptop. Replying by using your laptop keyboard is way faster than when you have to type all those messages on your smartphone.

Reply to your matches once per day. A good time for this would be around 8 pm. At this time, people are the most relaxed, and that's also the case for most of your matches. There is a bigger chance you will receive messages around this time during the week than during the daytime. Keep replying limited to a maximum of one hour.

9. Manage Your Profile

Most women get a lot of matches on Bumble, so it is important to manage your account. Does a match not reply to your messages? Give him three days, maybe send another message after those three days.

Is he still not replying to your messages? press the unmatch button, this guy is not worth your valuable time. Many conversations will eventually end in a dead conversation. Ask yourself if it is still worth restarting the dead conversation.

In case not press the unmatch button. The end purpose of using a dating app like Bumble is to go on a date with your match, or maybe you want to have a video chat. The separate high-value matches from low-value matches by moving the conversation to your messaging application like Whatsapp or LINE. This gives your match the impression you are interested in a meetup.

10. In Case You are a Single Mother

In case you have kids, don't hide this reality for your future date. It's understandable when you choose to expect the privacy of your children by not showing them on your profile. In that case, start your profile description telling you you are a single mom.

In case you choose to hide this fact for your future date. He might get turned off because he wasn't interested in the first place to date a single mom. Don't be disappointed when this happens to you.